The Best 'Snacky' Place

Sempena bulan puasa ni..(yea i noe lg brape hari je)
Aku nk blanje u all satu tempat best..
Yg br di explore 2 hari lepas..
Introduced by wanie a.k.a julie..
Huhu thanks babe!!
Actualy it's not realy 'makan place' la..
Ala2 snack ckit..(i mean makann ringan)
So sesape yg xsempat cari tmpat berbuka (due to the last minute plan)
Singgahla cni..seriously it's marvelous
i had try it once..n now craving for another treats,
OMG..it's realy delicious, trust me

So here i put some of the menu..

This is Handmade Oyster Mee Sua..bole tahann

And kt bwh ni adalah XXL Crispy Chicken..

Ni la the 1st one aku try
Dia goreng dat time jugak n letak chili powder
Ayam die besar n pnjg..
So masa die masukkn kt paper bag tu n lipat 2..

Best if serves hot n ask for an extra spicy..

The most important is..this stall HALAL ok,

so dont worry..
N kedai die xbanyak menu..
Ade dalam 4 or 5 jenis je

-Crispy Floss Egg Crepe
-Seafood Tempura
-Chilled Soya Milk (ahah ni bkn maknn ok..)

U all bole jumpe stall ni kat Pavi, The Gardens, n Times Square..( ni area KL)
if Selangor dkt OU, Mines, Sunway Piramid, Ikano n so on..
Also available at Penang, N.9, Melaka n Johor..huhu

Price pulak mmg worth it..
Around RM5-Rm6 je
Except the Happy Ricebox Set
but still cheap.
Try la if u have time k,
u're gonna be like me..heheh

p/s: afte this aku akn pegi garden jerrla..huhu

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