To the future


Officially done with final year project. 

Time flies so fast that finally we reached the end of the courses. I was grateful for the good panels, good supervisor and good team members. We had our ups and downs but in the end, we managed to pull it out together. I could not ask for more. :)

Sekarang takde lagi niat nak kerja atau apa, since it is fasting month and nak raya nanti takut pulak tak dapat cuti. Nak rehat dan maybe buat lah kuih ke kek ke untuk raya ni. Lama sangat dah tinggalkan sebab busy. I just cannot wait for my 1st solo holiday. Please lah hopefully semuanya berjalan dengan baik dan I can go with peace. 

So sekarang lah rasanya perfect time untuk belajar masak and everything. No more excuses. I should start another goals right now untuk elak buang masa dengan hanya mengadap korea-stuff dan tak buat benda lain. Oh yea, lose some weight pun. Since my weight right is not on usual range like before, i have to exercise again. 

This is me ranting...

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