Sebeban himpap

  1. My cousin is suffering stroke because there were clotted blood in his brain, just have the surgery and i can see it was really hard for his family especially during this Hari Raya.
  2. My step grandfather got her leg amputated.
  3. My uncle just paralyzed whole of his body.

Raya 2011.

Dalam bahagia disamping keluarga, cukup penuh nafsu dan hawa, kepada mereka ini gagah dan tabahnya semoga dinampak petunjuk cahaya. Hopefully they won't give up. This is me praying and praying... 

" I am feeling so grateful for everything i have now, tak banyak dan tak juga sikit. Just imagine what would u do if suddenly one of your family members suffering from disease or worst, gone ? Especially on the days like this. "

 I know it's scary but we are living in the world full of possibilities.

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